Installation Instructions

using the pip package manager by executing the following at the commandline:

$ pip install mavenn
$ pip install mavenn --upgrade

Please note that the latest version of MAVE-NN conflicts with NumPy’s version (1.24.3) due to a conflicting dependency with TensorFlow. This is the reason some users may have to run a pip upgrade command (shown above) after installation on their command line.

Alternatively, you can clone MAVE-NN from GitHub by doing this at the command line:

$ cd appropriate_directory
$ git clone

where appropriate_directory is the absolute path to where you would like MAVE-NN to reside. Then add this to the top of any Python file in which you use MAVE-NN:

# Insert local path to MAVE-NN at beginning of Python's path
import sys
sys.path.insert(0, 'appropriate_directory/mavenn')

#Load mavenn
import mavenn